Thursday, June 2, 2016

One final reminder...

Hi Parents,

I have one final reminder for your child as they head off to their first performance tomorrow morning... Have fun and enjoy their moment on the stage!

You would have been so impressed with their dress rehearsal today. They have all been working so hard and the show is really coming together.

I can't wait to watch their expressions when they step out on to the stage with a real audience for the first time. There is something magical about a 5th grade play. Not all students will go on with theater, but each one of them will take away a memory of being part of something. They each bring their unique attributes and talents and so much of their personalities shine through in their performance you can't help but smile.

Please remind them of this as they leave for the bus or jump out of the car. I just want to see them up there, enjoying themselves, and remembering to feel confident in what they have created!

Thank you all and see you Saturday!

Ms. Moores

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