Friday, January 26, 2018

Script and Rehearsal Schedule

Hi Everyone!

    Now that the excitement of the cast list is dying down it is time to start thinking about the play :) Your child will be bringing home a copy of the script as well as a rehearsal schedule. They may highlight their part and I also suggest you highlight the days they are required to attend. Your child will not be needed at every rehearsal. Please note which scenes your child is in and which days they will need to attend. Your child should attend if it says "FULL CAST REHEARSAL" or if they are in the scene being called. If you are confused as to which scenes your child is in please ask. I have also posted the rehearsal schedule and script online in case either is lost or you need quick reference during the day.

Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing all the kids on Monday!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cast List...

Dear Parents and Students,
            Below you will find the cast list to this year’s 5th grade Play, Peter Pan. Thank you for your patience. I understand that waiting is the hardest part. I was amazed and thrilled to have so many wonderful students auditioning this year. It was truly difficult to cast parts, as there were so many talented kids who auditioned. I know that there will be some disappointment as there always is when dealing with a casting situation. I am also confident that as soon as we get into the rehearsing the children will find the joy and excitement in their given role. Over the next week I will finalize changes in the script and put together a full rehearsal schedule. I am also putting together a parent email list. Please watch for parent updates through email as well as your child’s mail.  When you receive the schedule please read it carefully as your child WILL NOT be attending every rehearsal. If you have any questions regarding casting or rehearsals please contact me at


                                                                                                Ms. Moores

Our first full cast rehearsal will be this coming Monday January 29th. Please remind your student that they will be attending rehearsal that day and pick them up promptly at 3:30. 

Winkie: Anya T.
Sparkle: Charlotte A.
Flashy: Rebecca W.
Stellar: Alyssa J.
Shimmer: Anya G.
Flicker: Anshika S.

Mother: Priyanka R.
Father: Shlok G.
Wendy : Kaylee B.
Wendy 2:  Rosie D.
Wendy 3: Chelsea W.
John: Shreyas G.
John 2: Nicholas J.
Michael: Yash S.
Michael 2: Colby M.
Nana: Katie H.
Peter Pan: Aiden L.
Peter Pan 2: Ethan M.
Peter’s Shadow: Bella C.
Tinker Bell: Zoe S.
Tinker Bell 2: Tanya D.
Captain Hook: Shubhang V.
Captain Hook 2: Ian H.
Smee:Nadia S.
Smee 2: Irith M.

Tattoo Billy: Sachi R.
Skylights: Heer M.
Noodler: Kanishka M.
Krusty: Gauri A.
Tricky Zen: Bella C.
Daring Daniel: Nikhil P.
Honest Henry: Tyler P.
Crocodile: Nate L.

Lost Boys:
Tootles: Martha K.
Nibs: Anna S.
Curly: Sasha W.
Twin Harrietta (Harry): Julianne F.
Twin Terry: Keira G.
Slightly: Emma B.
Bouncy: Cammie C.
Doodles: Juliette T.
Tiger Lily: Anya B.

Mermaids/Indians: (These students will be playing the role of both a mermaid and an Indian)
Great Big Little Panther: Anoushka B.
Spirit Wolf: Izzy V.
Leaning Bear: Sanvi L.
Pearl : Emma L.
Starfish:Neha J.
Moonglow: Sophie K.
Ripple: Abby Y.
Shelly: Julia P.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cast List

Thank you all for your amazing performances at auditions! You are all making my job very difficult and also very exciting!!! I am busy working out whether I will be doing call backs this week. I will announce Wednesday whether callbacks will be necessary. The official cast list will not be posted till the weekend.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Looking forward...

     Thank you to those who signed up for our Fifth Grade Play! If you have not yet signed up and would like to please email me directly. 

The audition will be held in the Library at 2:45 on the day you are scheduled. You should receive a confirmation from your homeroom teacher of your audition day before break.

For the audition each child needs to memorize one part from one of the audition scenes. You may not use the script during the audition process.
During the audition the judges will score each child's ability to speak clearly, loudly and with emotion as well as their ability to memorize.  These scores will be used to assign speaking roles.

Before the day of the audition please fill out the audition form with your child.

I am looking for two or three parents to coordinate volunteers for the “behind the scenes” elements of the production. I rely on parent volunteers to help with the backstage elements so that I can concentrate on working with the students.  It is very important that the parent coordinator job is filled to ensure the children have the best experience possible.  Please consider volunteering to help with the production. There are minimal props and costumes and the backdrop is already created for this production.

Thank you,
Ms Moores

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Play Auditions Announcement

I am pleased to announce the that the 5th grade play this year will be Peter Pan.

If our child is interested in participating please read the following list of dates:
January 10th and 11th: Auditions after school 2:30 – 3:30pm (Only one day required)
January 29th - May 9th: Rehearsals Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30 – 3:30pm
May 14th - May 16th: Tech week (rehearsals go till 4:30pm)
May 17th: School Performance for students (During the school day)
May 18th: Friday evening performances for friends and family

If your child is able to make this commitment please click on the Permission Slip link
on the right hand side of the screen. The link will open up after school on Friday
December 15th.


Ms. Moores

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tech Week Details

  • Hi Parents! 

  • It's the week of the show!!! It is going to be a very busy and exciting week. Here are some of the details as you plan the week. 

  • Tuesday May 30th: 
  • We have a full cast rehearsal immediately after school till 4:30pm. 
  • Students should bring an extra snack and water as it will be a very long day for them, especially with field day. 

  • Wednesday June 1st: 
  • We have a full cast rehearsal immediately after school till 4:30. 
  • Please send your child to school with an extra snack and water. 
  • Please send your child to school WITH there costume today. Make sure it is in a labeled bag. They will leave the costume at school for the Friday performances and bring it home Friday afternoon.
  • We will take a full cast, in costume picture on this day.

Thursday June 2nd:
  • We have a full cast rehearsal immediately after school till 4:30. 
  • Please send your child to school with an extra snack and water. 

Friday June 3rd: 
  • School performances are for students only, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Please contact me if this is the case. 
  • Students will get dressed at school.
  • Please send your child to school with their hair done. Anyone with long hair must have it pulled back and out of their eyes/face.
  • Full stage makeup is not necessary, but light blush and lipstick is optional. Please do this at home as well. Do not send makeup to school with your child. 
  • Students will bring their costume home at the end of the day in case it needs to be washed.
  • There is NO afterschool rehearsal on Friday afternoon.

Saturday June 4th:
  • Students should arrive at school at 3:00pm
  • Doors will open to the audience at 4:00pm
  • Students should arrive dressed in their costumes with hair (pulled back out of face) and makeup already done. 
  • Students will be given pizza and cake in between the two shows so no need to send in food, but please send a labeled water bottle so they can stay hydrated. 
  • In between shows students will go to the gym for the cast party after greeting their "fans".
  • After the show please make sure that any costumes or props that were given to your child are dropped off in the gym (we reuse them in future shows)

Please continue to check your email for last minute updates and changes. Feel free to contact me for clarification.

Ms. Moores

Friday, May 5, 2017

Practice! Practice! Practice!

It is time for students to "get off book". This is the theater way of saying learn your lines. Students need to be practicing their lines for a few minutes every day. The best way for a student to practice is for them to have a partner read their "cue", the line before their line, and for them to then say their line and so on. It is important that students become familiar with the line before their line as opposed to just memorizing their own lines.