Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tech Week

Tech Week Has Arrived!
We have only 2 more rehearsals before our performances. ALL students need to work on their lines at home as MANY are still needing  significant prompting. I have included some other important reminders for this week below.

  1. Students may choose to wear a light blush and or lipstick if they would like, though it is not required. Please do not over do it. Do not send makeup to school, have your child apply all make up at home.
  2. All long hair must be pulled back out of your child's face. This is VERY important!
  3. Students should come to school wearing their costume on Friday if possible. Please send a change of clothes to school if needed for after the performance. Students will bring their costume home so they can arrive wearing it on Saturday.

Rehearsal Schedule for the week:
  • Wednesday June 1st till 4:30
  • Thursday June 2nd till 4:30
  • No rehearsal after school Friday (Don’t forget we have performances Friday morning)


  1. Friday June 3rd: Please arrive at school promptly, in costume if possible. Students can bring a change of clothes
  2. Saturday June 4th cast call is 4pm
  3. Doors open for parents at 5pm. Tickets will be on sale at the show or you can pre-order by sending in the order form your child brought home, the form is also online on the play website.
  4. Show times Saturday are 5:15pm and 7pm
  5. Students will have a pizza cast party in between shows. If you have not done so already please make sure to send in your $10 donation to cover costs of pizza and dessert.

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