Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Cast List...

Dear Parents and Students,
            Below you will find the cast list to this year’s 5th grade Play, Peter Pan. Thank you for your patience. I understand that waiting is the hardest part. I was amazed and thrilled to have so many wonderful students auditioning this year. It was truly difficult to cast parts, as there were so many talented kids who auditioned. I know that there will be some disappointment as there always is when dealing with a casting situation. I am also confident that as soon as we get into the rehearsing the children will find the joy and excitement in their given role. Over the next week I will finalize changes in the script and put together a full rehearsal schedule. I am also putting together a parent email list. Please watch for parent updates through email as well as your child’s mail.  When you receive the schedule please read it carefully as your child WILL NOT be attending every rehearsal. If you have any questions regarding casting or rehearsals please contact me at


                                                                                                Ms. Moores

Our first full cast rehearsal will be this coming Monday January 29th. Please remind your student that they will be attending rehearsal that day and pick them up promptly at 3:30. 

Winkie: Anya T.
Sparkle: Charlotte A.
Flashy: Rebecca W.
Stellar: Alyssa J.
Shimmer: Anya G.
Flicker: Anshika S.

Mother: Priyanka R.
Father: Shlok G.
Wendy : Kaylee B.
Wendy 2:  Rosie D.
Wendy 3: Chelsea W.
John: Shreyas G.
John 2: Nicholas J.
Michael: Yash S.
Michael 2: Colby M.
Nana: Katie H.
Peter Pan: Aiden L.
Peter Pan 2: Ethan M.
Peter’s Shadow: Bella C.
Tinker Bell: Zoe S.
Tinker Bell 2: Tanya D.
Captain Hook: Shubhang V.
Captain Hook 2: Ian H.
Smee:Nadia S.
Smee 2: Irith M.

Tattoo Billy: Sachi R.
Skylights: Heer M.
Noodler: Kanishka M.
Krusty: Gauri A.
Tricky Zen: Bella C.
Daring Daniel: Nikhil P.
Honest Henry: Tyler P.
Crocodile: Nate L.

Lost Boys:
Tootles: Martha K.
Nibs: Anna S.
Curly: Sasha W.
Twin Harrietta (Harry): Julianne F.
Twin Terry: Keira G.
Slightly: Emma B.
Bouncy: Cammie C.
Doodles: Juliette T.
Tiger Lily: Anya B.

Mermaids/Indians: (These students will be playing the role of both a mermaid and an Indian)
Great Big Little Panther: Anoushka B.
Spirit Wolf: Izzy V.
Leaning Bear: Sanvi L.
Pearl : Emma L.
Starfish:Neha J.
Moonglow: Sophie K.
Ripple: Abby Y.
Shelly: Julia P.

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