Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Script Posted!

Hi All,

Thank you for your patience as I casted the fifth grade play. I have to say this was the most respectful, patient, group of fifth graders I have ever cast. I did not have one child come up to me in school to ask when the cast list was going to be posted. I appreciate the extra time and am happy to be able to post the Cast Information and Script before leaving for my maternity leave.

Please take a moment to view the cast list under the cast list tab. I know that there will be mixed emotions as students receive the news of their cast assignments. Please know that whether your child was cast in a principal, supporting or ensemble role that I take time to ensure that all members of the cast feel valued and involved. Students will have various opportunities to show their stuff on the stage and by the end all students feel that they play an important role.

Rehearsals will start early March, but the sooner your child begins to memorize their lines the better. I have added a link to the script on the side bar. Please have your child print the script and begin working their lines mid January or sooner. A full calendar of rehearsals will be posted in February.

If there are any questions about casting or the script feel free to contact me. It may be a while till you hear from me, but I promise to get back to you when I can. Thanks again and I look forward to my return in March when we can start working on the show!

Ms. Moores

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