Thursday, April 14, 2016

Music and Lines...

Hi Folks!

As we head off into vacation now is the time to start encouraging your children to "get off script". This means that their lines are memorized and they no longer need to hold their script during rehearsals. The first few weeks "off script" is always a little nerve wracking for the kids, but it is always ok to forget a line and I will work with them on what to do if a line is dropped during the show. The sooner they start to feel confident the better they will feel come show time.

A great way to learn lines is to do the scene with your child. You can hold the script and read the "other" lines while your child says their own lines. Don't over correct your child. If they forget a word that's ok. If they get completely lost then go back and start again. Remind them if they don't know what to say next they can simply say "line" and you will give them the first two words of their next line.

I have also added a new tab at the top. If you click on it you will find links to music word sheets and youtube videos of the songs. All students will participate in the musical part of the show. It helps to play the music so that they get familiar with the melody. Mrs. Oliver will be working on the music during the rehearsal time as well.

Thanks for all you do! After vacation the play starts to ramp up into full gear. I will send out information on costuming and parent volunteers when we return from break.

Ms. Moores

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