Saturday, January 23, 2016

Show synopsis and list of characters

I will be posting Audition sides, scenes to memorize for auditions, later this weekend. Please check back. Below is a short synopsis as well as a list of characters and descriptions.

Play description:
The Reluctant Dragon is an inspirational story of  a young boy/girl named Widget who, along with his best friend Hairytoes, works hard to change a town’s judgemental views against dragons. Set in the medieval Kingdom of Pleasant Valley this is a fast moving production with lots of action and humor. Its meaningful message that sometimes it’s best to stop fighting and simply become friends makes it a timeless classic.

Principle Characters:
These characters may be double cast.
They will have significant lines to memorize.
Widget: A young boy or girl
Hairytoes: Widget’s best friend
Mortimer: The dragon
Saint George: A dragon slayer
Angus: Widgets father/mother.
King Fancy Pants: Could be played as a queen.

Supporting Characters:
Not typically double cast.
Still have lines to memorize.
Old Folks: Narrators/storytellers, Though they do not have as many lines as some of the principle characters the narrators end up with the most “stage time” and are very important to the way the story is told.
Shepherds: Work with Angus in the field. Remember when Dragons were fearsome predators.
Grody Gobsters: The town bullies. One of them is the King’s son.
Mother: Widget’s mother, could also be his father if I cast a mother to play Angus.
Guru Guys: The wise men of the village. Help to tell the message of the story.

Ensemble Characters:
Villagers: Speaking and nonspeaking

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