Monday, April 27, 2015

Volunteers Needed

Hi Parents!

The show is coming together very nicely and the students are starting to feel comfortable with their lines and stage directions. Hopefully you have started to think about costumes as well :) Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see pictures from our last Pinocchio performance.

I have several other areas that I will need assistance. If you are able to assist with a committee please email me.

Props: Most of the props are small pieces that need to be purchased or created for several members of the group. A list of the specific needs will be given out early in May.

Program: If you are good with technology this is the perfect job for you :) I provide all the information, so mostly it is just a matter of formatting. It is then copied at school.

Cast Pizza Party: The pizza party occurs in between the two evening performances. Usually each child donates a small amount towards the food and drink (we usually have cake too :). Parent's often send in beverages and fruit to go with the pizza and cake. It is helpful to have a few volunteers to help supervise at the party and hand out food.
Front Lobby display: In the past we have had head shots taken of each actor or group of actors and someone puts them together for display in the lobby (this is optional but a nice addition to the evening)

I am also in need of a parent volunteer to attend each of the rehearsals beginning on May 11th through the performance. The parent just has to follow along on the script and prompt the students when they forget a line. 

If you are able to assist that would be great! Every little bit helps. I will pass on names of volunteers to the members in charge of each committee.

Thank you!

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