Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wow! The talent at this year's auditions surpassed ALL of my expectations. Casting this production will be a huge challenge to say the least, however I know that I will be able to find an important place for all of our young actors. No matter the role, big or small, all of the children will have a special place to shine on stage.

My goal is to have the cast list posted on the evening of Tuesday 2/18. If there is a change to this timeline I will let you know. 

In addition I have posted the tentative rehearsal schedule. Students will only be required to attend rehearsals for the scenes they are part of. Once the cast list is posted that will be easier to understand. All rehearsals will end at 3:30 until we get to the week before the show. Thank you all for your prompt pick ups after the auditions.

It is now possible to follow this blog by email. Just put your email address in the box to the left. This is a great way to keep up with messages and changes to the rehearsal schedule without having to check the website.

Enjoy your vacation!

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